pizza dough, pizza toppings: pizza recipes for you to bake at home
secret recipe for pizza dough (authentic original recipe)
Anleitung f? Pizza - das geheime Originalrezept von Pieros Pizza
pizza recipe - secret recipe - authentic original recipe for pizza by Piero's Pizza



A second baking process completes the Piero's-pizza


You are only 1 step away from enjoying a delicious Piero's pizza! And you have managed to prepare an authentic Piero's pizza in your own kitchen at home. On this page Piero explains how to bake the pizza.


1. The oven is still on. If not, set it to the maximum temperature.

2. Bake the pizza for no longer than 9 minutes.

3. Remove the pizza from the oven, close the oven and turn it off.


This baking process will cost you approximately US $ 0.08 energy.






Pizza Rezept

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