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Anleitung f? Pizza - das geheime Originalrezept von Pieros Pizza
pizza recipe - secret recipe - authentic original recipe for pizza by Piero's Pizza



At home bake the dough first!


At Piero's pizza stores we can bake the pizza in one go due to the high oven temperature. Yet our pizzas become crispy on the outside and soft & moist on the inside. At home this will not work because the oven temperature is too low.


Many amateur chefs slip up as they put the toppings on the raw dough and then bake dough and toppings at the same time. This makes homemade pizzas either sloppy or dry. If you want your Piero's pizza crispy on the outside and with a chewy & buttery center and if you want fresh toppings on it you must bake the dough first.


1. Leave the dough in its baking form in the oven on the center shelf.

2. Switch the oven on and set it to the maximum temperature

3. Bake the pizza for exactly 11 minutes.

4. Take the pizza out of the oven, close the oven door but leave it on.


This baking process will cost you approximately US $ 0.10 energy.



5. Coat the whole rim of the pizza with approximately 2 table spoons of olive oil.





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