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Authentic Piero's deep pan pizza dough


Piero's dough matches the baking process: It will develop a light alcoholic flavor and the pizza will become crispy on the outside but have a moist & chewy center.


Ingredients for a round oven form with a diameter Ø = 11 1/2” (Different baking form? Read the "Authentic 'secret' recipe - baking form & quantities" section!):


5 1/2 oz. flour

1/2 cup lukewarm tap water

1/2 tea spoon (flat, not heaped up) of salt

1 table spoon of olive oil

1 tea spoon (flat, not heaped up) of dry yeast


1. Mix the flour, salt and dry yeast in a bowl (without adding water!).

2. Only now add the lukewarm tap water.

3. Stir the mass with a hand-held mixer with dough hooks to make a dough.

4. Only now add the olive oil and slowly mix it with the dough.

5. The dough is ready when it forms a smooth mass.


The dough costs you approximately US $ 0.11.





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